Just a little about me: Yanny

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My Vegan Journey

As a child I have been eating all the same meals just like any Asian American families. I ate different animal products. As I grew older I started getting lots of weird symptoms aside from anorexia, mental instability, always overeating, depression, fatigue, anxiety, abnormal bowel movement, always getting sick.cold stone ice cream bubblegum and coffee flavorchocolate mousse puddingkorean beef bbq

After being a lifeless person growing up. I finally made the change about two years ago. Ever since becoming vegan, after my recovery phase, I stopped getting sick, had more energy, started to feel more alert, appreciation, and happiness for life and everything on Mother Earth.

I wish somebody was out there to tell me this in the beginning:

Nobody will question whether their family tradition and culture about food is a problem. I just want to seek out to those who may start to find physical or mental problems becoming more severe and want to change their lives.

depression alone

I always eat whatever my family prepares for me all the way to college until I start making my own food on a daily basis. Still, at that time it was with some sort of animal products here and there just like any normal meal.

But things changed, I became a true vegan for myself and for the animals and our planet Earth. Now I hope that more people will understand their food better and attempt to try to slowly transition to a more plant-based diet. At least try!

elephant on planet

Option in Life: We can try, experience, learn, and be better

Here you will find all the necessary food, supplements, and products needed to start the change for the better. If you need any assistance or questions always feel free to send us your comment below. I am more than happy to help out!



2 comments on “Just a little about me: Yanny

  1. Great background of yourself and your reasons for starting a site like this. Looks very promising and I’m looking forward to following the progress you make and also learning more about a vegan lifestyle.

    All the best,

    1. Thanks Nick for reviewing my website. Really appreciate the time you took! Hopefully, I can get through all the lessons soon.

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