What is Beyond Sausage – Why It’s Better on Your Hotdog Bun? & Yanny’s Rating

Beyond Sausage All day breakfastYanny and Beyond SausageIntro and Problem:

What are you planning to have on your weekend BBQ grill party?

BBQ real meat sausage and meatThe same old: hotdog on a bun, hamburgers, and more flippin’ floppin’ on some pork patties? Are you bored yet?

Does the aftertaste bother you?

Do you feel too full of saturated fat after your party and you get turned off by all the excitement later during the day?

Do you feel bad for all the animal sufferings that has been part of your party?

If you answered “Yes” to any one of those questions, then it’s time for some change to help save our planet!

Last time we talked about the most famous vegan burger in the vegan world: The Beyond Burger.

Can go back and read all about it:

What’s in Beyond Meat Burger – Better ingredients? & Yanny’s Rating

How are we going to solve these problems:

Just a recap: The Beyond Burger has a couple of sole investors like Bill Gates and Leonardo DiCaprio and Ambassadors like Kyrie Irving.

So why are we here talking about the same company again?

Now that you have some vegan burgers to flip in your backyard, but isn’t something else missing here?

You got it! : The Beyond Sausage

Sounds too good to be true? We will be discussing about this vegan sausage, why it’s better for your hotdog bun and how I will be rating each section of this deliciousness.


The “Story” behind the Product Company (1.0 Rating)

The Dream:

Waking up on a beautiful sunny late morning, walking to your kitchen for a cup of coffee, thinking so what’s for today’s BBQ?

You stash out all the meat in your fridge: some bulk sales ground pork, ground beef patties, maybe some chicken skewers, and a potato or two.

man and BBQ real meat sausagesAnd you’re thinking: Okay, done. All set up for the BBQ. Maybe just some side Cole slaws and a few beers.

Do you ever get grossed out for one second from all the oils and saturated fat that goes along with your vegetables? How about what it will look like in your body?

And maybe something about how the mothers of these animals might feel? What does your dogs, cats, and other pets think?

Now this company has it all thought out for you.

They already thought about what are some things that you need in life in order to adapt to a more plant based or vegan diet.

After all, we are still very human when it comes to change. We needed a phase where we can adapt to our new environment, new information, and especially our new diet.

They make their products all based off of real food ingredients. That’s why there is no GMO in their food products.

If you’re a fairly sensitive person like me, then you can definitely taste the difference and be worry-free.

The Company Goal:

Want to know more about this? Can read in my previous article:

What’s in Beyond Meat Burger – Better ingredients? & Yanny’s Rating

The resulting ingredient list according to their own website:

beyond sausage ingredient list

Can read more about this product:



I give the Story part a 1.0 Rating. Like I said in my previous article about this company really tries to make things from scratch and help people transfer into a more preferable and environmental diet.


On the Outside – The “Packaging” (0.9 Rating)



beyond sausage packageThis fairly new product is not sold here in Hong Kong, so I’m not able to get my hands on the packaging.

There’s actually three different types of sausages: Brat Original, Hot Italian, and Sweet Italian. Each came with a different recipe cooked and displayed as a photo on the side.

But looking at it from online photos, the box seems to be made of paper this time instead of plastic like the Beyond Burger. Th outside is wrapped with plastic.

This is great! While we were talking about the Beyond Burger in my previous article, they had researchers suggest to them to use reusable material for their packaging to make it more environmental friendly. And so they did for their next product!

The front packaging shows a green cow with a superhero cape just like the Beyond Burger packaging.

On the top right there’s a label stating that there is 38% less Saturated Fat per serving. Nice job on this one because so many people these days are looking for healthier options and not sure if plant-based is actually less fatty.

Again, the bottom states that it’s Soy Free and Gluten Free. However, the front does not label it to be GMO free on the company website. It does show non GMO on some retail packaging.

This is somewhat confusing if I were a random customer who is not familiar with the product.


There’s lots of information on the back label.

There’s a small statement in the back saying that this vegan sausage is the future and has all the benefits of eating plant while satisfying your palate. I really like this as an encouragement for people starting to move towards being plant-based.

Next, is the methods of cooking: Skillet, Grill, and Griddle. They make it so user-friendly for those who do not know how to start using this plant-based product and if it will melt or have different effects than a real meat sausage.

The bottom right also reassures that its: Soy Free, Gluten Free, no GMOs, and Certified Vegan again.

I like how they include Perishable and Safe Handling Instructions easily seen and not like conventional labels with no design, which makes it very difficult and boring to read.

My favorite part is the barcode with two sausage links and a spatula on the side. They really make the product stand out and personalize each and every part to capture their audience.


Can read more about it:

What’s in Beyond Meat Burger – Better ingredients? & Yanny’s Rating

Science and Research about The Beyond Burger:

Can read more about it:

What’s in Beyond Meat Burger – Better ingredients? & Yanny’s Rating

Briefly about Nutritional Values:

Normal Italian Sausage Nutrition Facts VS Beyond Sausage Nutrition Facts:

Beyond Sausage Nutrition Facts Comparison with Real Meat SausageThis vegan sausage compared to its counter real meat sausage has about the same fat, protein, and potassium.

Real meat sausage has more calories, sodium, and of course a lot of cholesterol. While the vegan sausage has more iron and fiber.

Its so much easier to eat these sausages and never feeling too upsetting for your stomach.


I give this a Rating 0.9 due to their improvements with using paper trays instead of plastic for the Beyond Burger. This product is less fatty and easier for most people to consume on a more regular basis. Also, they have three different flavors to choose from, which is the best part when you are finding it bland or not fitting for certain recipes.


Does the “Taste” surprise you? (0.8 Rating)

I have only tried the Beyond Burger a few times at a few locations at Green Common in Hong Kong.Beyond Sausage All day breakfast

Green Common and Kind Kitchen (Green Common Headquarter Branch) at Hong Kong:

In all seriousness, I actually do not know if the one I tried is Sweet Italian or Brat Original because I’ve only had it at these branched restaurants and I didn’t get to ask them which ones are they actually serving.

I always had it in an All Day Breakfast version, so it’s not the typical hotdog in a bun because I like tasting the sausages by itself and not influenced by the taste of the bun with other ketchup and mustard.

But here it goes about my perception of these vegan links.

Overall Appearance:

The vegan sausage has a rough and edgy surface compared to normal meat sausage links.

The vegan link has lots of fibers packed inside so it makes it look very puffy from the outside.

For me, it doesn’t bother me too much since I like more texture to my alternative meat.


The color of the vegan sausage link is actually a little darker than the regular hotdog.

We are used to looking a normal real meat sausage that have food coloring that makes it super red.

I don’t really mind about the color being darker either. It just looks to me to be a little more grilled.


herbsI think the smell is at its best. It smells like a slightly burnt herby mushroom with some fresh grounded pepper.

Breaking off:

The vegan sausage actually is a little bit harder to break off. I tend to think it’s the fiber content of the link.

Compared to real meat sausages, it has a stretchy, starchy feeling when trying to twist it off if you were to break it by your fingers. Real meat sausages has a smooth break off point and not much twisting and turning is needed.

I like smoother breaking off but this vegan link is still bearable.

Overall Texture:

The texture is quite tough compared to real meat sausages. It’s hard to cut with a table knife. There’s lots of crumbs falling off and out of the sausages when I tried to slice it, which is a slight turnoff.

Moisture Maintenance:

I would say the moisture is somewhere in the middle. The overall moisture is well maintained because of all the fiber and crumbliness in the vegan sausage.

But the moisture is mostly stored inside the each individual crumb, which kind of makes it not resemble a real sausage link.


Although, sausages don’t really bleed like a burger patty, but it does have this slight red juiciness when you bite into it.

The vegan link doesn’t have much of a bleed because it is a bit too crumbly.


I give it 0.8. The taste is still amazing compared to real meat sausages. It has all the flavors without the slight stinkiness of real meat sausages if you know what I’m talking about. Not everyone taste the same things just a side note.

Also, because the crumbliness is not as similar to real meat sausages that’s why I rated down a little for it. But don’t get me wrong. If you are looking for some sausage alternatives that are very fragrant and herby. This is a definite go to link!


Is it really worth the “Price”? (0.7 Rating)

I give the Price 0.7. The product is quite gourmet in terms of the spice and herby flavors. The size and thickness is also decent. But the overall price is still quite expensive when compared to the real meat counterpart.

I would really wish the prices would fall more for this product because there are too many non vegan sausages that are way too cheap these days. It’s really not animal friendly.

And if the vegan trend persists, it really needs to start making the difference so that more people can easily afford it and change their habits fast enough for global warming.


What needs to change ( Final Rating = 3.4 out of 5 )

My Final Rating is 3.4. Still, a very High score!

The reason:

The Story really helps people think for the future.

The Packaging improved for the new vegan sausage.

The Taste is very complex with lots of flavors with every bite, except the crumbliness when you actually break it off.

The Price is slightly unreasonable in the long term.

This company has made their second debut of alternative vegan meat possible by lots of effort no questions asked.

The attempt to change what the public once think was impossible by delivering the Beyond Burger. Now they came up with this ultimate Beyond Sausage to help more people to accept what is possible in our era.

Becoming more plant-based is not only for ourselves or just being more responsible. It’s actually bigger than what we might imagine.

For the better future of our kids, or grandkids, the animals, and all the animal sufferings that we have contributed over centuries.

Now it’s time to make that decision. Would you make our planet a better place by trying this vegan sausage on your hotdog bun?

Does this link spark an idea for your next BBQ party? Tell me what flavors have you tried and which one is best. I would really want to know.

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