What is the Impossible Burger about- Should You Give it a Try? & Yanny’s Ratings

impossible burger at ovo cafeWe always want to try new things. When we see someone who we follow on our Instagram or Facebook, we want to follow them to new places that they go to, buy new outfits that they are wearing, or try a new food item that they are sharing with us.

Next thing is we want is to “Like” their post and run to get it ourselves.
impossible burger in restaurant
How about the Impossible Burger? I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about it somewhere on social media or at least a friend or advertisement out there.

If you have heard about the Beyond Burger, then this should spike your next curiosity! What is the Impossible Burger about?


The “Story” behind the Product Company (0.8 Rating)

The Dream:

Can you imagine one day what it would be like when you go hang out with your best buddies at a fast food restaurant, and its all vegan?

You and your friends chatting and joking around the tables without any animal cruelty and slaughtering going on inside or outside the restaurant kitchen.friends gathering

All you need to care about is smushing your faces into a huge gooey, saucy tomato, pan-fried onion, herby mushroom vegan Impossible Burger with double scoop of avocado mash.

In the near future, when most streets are filled with vegan restaurants and vegan places, how would we view our society?

Our planet becomes all animal friendly and food supply will never be a shortage. Our perspective of living well will completely take a huge step from our present day.

The Company Goal:

impossible burger missionThis closely resembles the goal for the Impossible Burger’s company. Here we will take a look at how the Impossible Burger take a huge leap into our society and move towards vegan living.

What is the “Heme”:

It all started out with a laboratory made “Heme”. This is what the company calls their new vegan blood. It’s produced by having a yeast making this Heme. It is the root of how the burger patty got its name for bleeding blood just like a real meat burger.

This sounds quite nasty at first. But assuming that most of the people are so used to the real burger patty bleeding when they are consuming it, this makes a lot of sense why the change is for the best.

We need people to still feel like they are eating their everyday meals just like before so that they are more willing to change for less effort.

What does GMO have to do with the Burger?:

Although, some people might think that the product “Heme” is a GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) and are dubious about it, it is still a fairly new product in its line.

The Impossible Foods Company did admit that this is a GMO product. That is why they put up articles about why they believe that GMO products are necessary and better for the society.

We should still allow more time to understand this product and the company would still need to do more research to better understand the health effects of Heme.


I give it a 0.8 Rating due to the goal and amount of advertisement that they did on their website and events. They made a huge trend on social media which is a great start for promoting veganism for the planet.


On the Outside – The “Packaging” (0.7 Rating)


impossible burger patty one burger saves you earthAlthough, the Impossible Foods Company have not put their products on retail like Omnipork in the first couple of months of their launch, they are quite intelligent about marketing towards their consumers through social media and restaurant grade foods.

This company’s main consumer is their product going into different restaurants. Impossible Foods do not sell to individuals, which on the other hand is a trend that Omnipork picked up and started the similar strategy in Hong Kong.

Can read more about Omnipork:

Omnipork – What’s your rating?

Yanny and omnipork

Science and Research to back up “Heme”:

They also incorporated a couple of research articles to back up what they are using in their ingredients. Even though, it may not be absolutely accurate or ethical in terms of knowledge due to the “Heme” product being made in the laboratory.

The company tries to make their product known to the public as something fairly healthy compared to whole foods. They also found scientific advisers to write about their GMO products so that it doesn’t sound unethical.


There are lots of debate about GMO affecting the human genetics, which most people already know. Many people know that GMO products are not safe and are not the best alternative to our health.GMO tomato injection

But considering the meat and dairy industries making so many products with GMO, antibiotics, hormones, preservatives, food additives, preservatives, etc, plant GMO is still a slight twist compared to all the animal products out there.

Can read their article:



The company is very big on the health of soybean and its soybean protein. The soybean protein that they found in the root of soybean plant is what they used to extract and place into the laboratory made yeast.soy milk and soybeans

According to their published article on their website about soy, it is a very nutritious food when eaten in moderation.

They suggest that soy does not interrupt with thyroid medication and function, and have none or neutral effect on male reproductive organs and female breast cancer.

However, just like their GMO article, there’s a lot of repetitive words and phrases making the article seem very professional in a way that masks the general public about GMO and soy being safe to consume.

Can read their article:



I really have to say they tried pretty hard to use science and research to make their product seem safe to consume even though there is still GMO and soy in their products.

Since present day, there is not much support for soy and GMO being healthy, it is very difficult to promote this area. However, they are trying to sell towards people who consume meat at the same time. So it is a good beginning. I give it a 0.7 Rating.


Does the “Taste” surprise you? (0.7 Rating)

Personally, I have only tried the Impossible Burger once at the Ovo Cafe in Hong Kong. impossible burger

Ovo Cafe Burger:

There were only very few options at this cafe. The only vegan burger available was the one I got. The other choice was vegetarian with cheese.

My burger was a pineapple, tomato, lettuce stacked with avocado slices in tomato paste.

Overall Appearance:

As a beginner for this burger, the appearance was a bomb! It was stacked so well and high like the next Tower of Pisa. Way higher than the Beyond Burger that I’ve tried before.

It was amazing at first sight. The burger patty sits inside the bun slightly oversize like a monster burger. The width of the burger seems to be larger than the Beyond Burger.


The color is similar to a real beef burger patty. It has some brown and darkened black spots like a grilled patty. It’s mostly darker brown.

Breaking off:

The breaking of the patty itself was more brittle and crumblier than the Beyond Burger. It is slightly thinner than the Beyond Burger.

Overall Texture:

Finally when I tried to bite it, it was way too huge for my mouth. I could only eat the burger in two parts. The squishy juice that came out just like a real burger patty was stunning, yet more like the ones that are less juicy.

Moisture Maintenance:

The moisture is not maintained too well inside the burger patty. The outside of the burger patty does not have a crisp texture from the grilling. While the inside did not maintain its moisture too well.

Heme Bleed?:

middle of impossible burgerFrom the first bite to the center of the burger patty, I did not experience much of the bleed in the burger as expected from the company’s “Heme”. I thought there would be a pinkish juicier middle like real meat, but I did not see or taste it at all.


Like I said earlier, the crumbliness of the patty does not really appeal to me since I like really gooey and juicy burger patties that resembles more fat content.

The taste of the patty is lighter than I think. It’s very lightly seasoned and not herby enough for me. I give it a 0.7 Rating.


Is it really worth the “Price”? (0.6 Rating)

I did not expect the price to be in the middle range area because after all, the Impossible Burger is only offered in restaurants and not available by retail.

The appearance of the burger was the best part and very Instagrammable for many people.

I paid $138 HKD for the burger with the added avocado, which is about $17.69 USD.


As previously stated, I was not quite fulfilled by the burger by its taste, texture, and the “Heme” product. Therefore, I would give it a 0.6 Rating.


What needs to change ( Final Rating = 2.8 out of 5 )

I really believe that this company is going in the right direction. The amount of free advertisement that they gained from social media is overwhelming.

They recently even released a second version of their vegan meat. They included a comparison of the two versions of vegan meat side by side with its nutrition information.impossible burger patty past and new recipe nutrition facts comparison

They tried really hard to incorporate science and research to back up their beliefs on GMO and soy.

The money they put into their research to find their product “Heme” is outstanding. On the contrary, they need a lot more time to figure out what are the effects of their products in the long run.

Overall, this is a great opportunity for the society to begin to transfer to a more plant-based diet.

What do you think about the product? Would you want to try it just for the appearance for social media or would you really want to dive into this burger for the weekend?

10 comments on “What is the Impossible Burger about- Should You Give it a Try? & Yanny’s Ratings

  1. Thanks for your review on the Impossible Burger. It does look appetizing, the “meat” has a nice appearance. I really don’t get the hype though. I took a look at the website of the “Impossible” dishes, and I’m quite unconvinced.

    Yes, there needs to be a sustained effort for making vegan meals more palatable, and there’s been great progress over the past 25 years that I’ve been conscious of it. But there’s yet much more work to do…

    For me personally, when I go to a vegan restaurant, and we have several here in Montreal, my first few choices just aren’t burgers. But if I were served it e.g. at a BBQ party, I’d definitely enjoy eating it.

    Looking forward to your next reviews,


  2. Hi, thanks for your insight on this vegan burger. I’m always on the lookout for new vegan and vegetarian foods since my sister is vegetarian and has been trying a lot of vegan foods lately. I’ve actually been thinking about trying it myself because she makes it look so easy. She loves the Beyond Burger, so i’m wondering if this one would appeal to her also. Personally, I love a juicy burger and from the pictures this doesn’t look juicy enough for me. I think you did good with the rating you chose and i’m probably more like you in regards to the outcome. This is a great review and leaves little to be questioned so thank you again for sharing.

    1. Hi Jen,

      Thanks for stopping by and gave me some wonderful comments. Anyone who is trying a little to become more plant-based is an amazing person already. I’m sure your sister knows a lot about the vegan vegetarian world also. It would be great if you can share some insights with me too when you get to try more vegan options!


  3. Hi.
    I just love your site. Very professional looking, very easy to read, great choice of images. As for your review, I personally am not crazy about those giant burgers because they are impossible to eat. As for GMO, we are already exposed to many
    genetically modified organism and somehow if it can help the planet why not.

    1. Thanks for your positive comment Claude,

      I am a really lazy person when it comes to long reviews. So I tend to use lots of images to make things easier even without words.
      Yes, I agree about the GMO thing too, for now…I guess it’s still better for beginners.


  4. I was a little confused by your review. There was simply too much information. I was not sure whether you were reviewing the Burger or the Company. I suspect it would have been clearer if you stuck with the burger itself. All the stuff about GMOs completely put me off. I would not eat a GMO stuffed burger. In my opinion the review should be about the Burger and nothing else.

    1. Hi Alister,
      Thanks for coming by and took the time to look at my review.
      I was slightly skeptical when I made the review. But I didn’t want to only focus on the Burger itself, I also wanted to share my thoughts about the company. If you have other ideas. Please let me know.



  5. This is the first time I know the impossible burger. As you said the image of the impossible burger looks attractive but I don’t want to try it based on your review. I am not a vegetarian but I think eating without meat is a good trend. But I don’t think it is a good idea of making something looks like meat. Also I don’t think GMO is healthy. I prefer to eat something as is which means less processed or raw (if no parasite or bacteria).
    I think soy is very healthy food but not genetically modified soy.
    BTW, I like the way you rate for different aspects of the product.

    1. Hi Juliana,

      Thanks for your interest in my article. I love hearing from what others have to say about these food products.
      I try to put in all the aspects of the food product including the company’s background, so that people will know a little bit more about the company’s ethics.

      I’m glad you got some good idea about this product.

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