What’s in Beyond Meat Burger – Better Ingredients? & Yanny’s Rating

double beyond burger onlyWe are finally here for the most famous burger: The Beyond Burger! I don’t want to say that this is the first ever made vegan burger in the world. But it seems to be the most influential burger with the longest powerful marketing history of its kind.

This vegan burger is not only standing strong because of its fame. Instead, its fame comes from the natural ingredients that they use.

Compared to other branded burger patty companies like: Omnipork and The Impossible Burger, who uses a specially formulated GMO product in their burger patties to achieve the taste and appearance of a real burger patty, The Beyond Burger does not!

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real double beef burgerCompared to a real beefy burger that I’ve had in the past , I used to think that real beef burger is the best and tastiest with all the flavors. It’s actually saltier and more sauces and cheeses had to cover the whole meat patty in order to taste amazing.

Yet, now I’m on a complete different page on vegan burgers.

Yanny and beyond burgerThis vegan burger is by far the tastiest with the most pungent flavors of all compared with its fellow vegan buddy burgers and also the utmost important the real beef burger.

So you must be asking these questions: Then how do they get the whopping flavor from? How do they make the appearance possible? This is exactly what we will be closely discussing today: What’s in Beyond Meat Burger?


The “Story” behind the Product Company (1.0 Rating)

The Dream:

This is not about walking from one restaurant to another just to find what we want to eat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It’s not just making a difference from what we choose from on that day. We are actually challenging ourselves by making a “CHANGE”.

beyond meat goal statementThe Beyond Meat Company makes a strong statement to the public about what we choose is so important and it may defy what the society still believes in or more importantly, you!

Their dream statement is almost like a sport challenge or a life changing challenge. They are very sure that this change is going to be the ultimate goal for everyone and for the whole planet.


The Company Goal:

Once the world changes to a way better place for everyone to live in, we can all thrive without much impact on our planet and satisfy our hunger for meat at the same time. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

beyond meat statement

Here, the company wants to improve the world by ultimately giving everyone a second chance to: our health, climate problems, restrictions on our natural resources, and animal welfare.beyond meat about environment chart

Sounds very astounding or impossible? This is just the beginning. Let’s look at the most important factor that makes this burger patty a winner of its kind.

Non GMO:

Like mentioned earlier about other famous brands of burger patties: Omnipork and Impossible Burger, this burger patty is so distinct because no GMOs were taken in the making of the product.

So what are some things that they do to make their juicy, tasty, incredible burger patty?

coconut cracked opendrop of waternatural mineralspine nuts










Their laboratory at El Segundo, California compared real meat with plants while having similar factors: Protein, Fat, Water, and Trace Minerals.

beetrootThey separate the concept of fibers, muscles, and fats of meat to get its similarities by using plants. These scientists extract colors from beets, use protein from peas to get their vegan patty results.

Coconut and potato starch make up the juiciness in the burger. Then the scientists identify similar molecules in plants that create the meaty flavor and taste.

They use four different sub components of meat flavor to mix and match into the right flavor, which they call the “E-Nose”.

And finally, they use the “E-Mouth” to test the chewiness and mouthfeel of the burger patties.

The resulting ingredient list according to their own website:

beyond burger patty ingredients list

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Soy Free:

soybean and soy milkBeing soy free is quite difficult in making vegan meat. Soy is a sole player especially known for the fine texture it provides. That is why it is use majority of the time for vegan chicken to give its smooth layering of meat.

This product actually excluded this factor, which is great for the big crowd of people who are soy sensitive or soy allergic.

Gluten Free:

organic produce supermarketThere are so many people with gluten consumption problems whether they know it or not. This is a huge market out there. Especially today, we are advertised to not consume gluten everywhere we go from posters to the food we pick up to buy or eat at restaurants.

Their version of gluten free burger patty is so admirable because it keeps the public safe from over consumption of hidden gluten usually in many other vegan meat products.


pan fried beyond burger patty on tomatoThe laboratory talked about how they use beet juice as their main coloring. That’s why the patty looks slightly more reddish-pink.

It may not look like a real beef color burger patty when raw, but after when it’s cooked, the coloring browns a bit and resembles more of a beef patty.


I give the Story part a 1.0 Rating. The highest so far I have given to any products out there today. This is because the company stands really strong on their mission and it encourages many people to follow becoming more plant-based or vegan.

They make the change so feasible by having their product as close to its natural plant-based form as possible by not introducing GMO, soy, and gluten. So that most people would not have much adverse effects when consuming their product or have a problem with switching from meat to an even tastier version of plant-based meat.


On the Outside – The “Packaging” (0.8 Rating)


beyond burger patty packageIt looks very similar to our conventional meat plastic wrap, except with a brown paper slide-on box. I really like their concept of assimilating their packaging just like normal real meat. So that you automatically know its just like any protein that you are trying to buy, but now you have the option of getting plant-based instead!

The front of the package shows the major health concerns that we all should be familiar with: Soy Free and Gluten Free. On the side it stamped: Non GMO Verified.

It’s very easy to read and understand in a split-second, you wouldn’t need to question the meaning of anything.

They have a green cow with a cape on the very top as their logo, which is perfectly fine since it doesn’t try to throw out more information in a chart style like Omnipork.

Can read about the Omnipork chart here:

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The back of the package shows the simple statement by the founder about how the company started. This personalizes the product with a story, which is really nice because you feel more related to the product founder.beyond burger patty package back label

Then, it shows easy cooking methods and some friendly reminders of how to keep it fresh, which is really nice to have especially when you’re too busy buying different types of food at one time and if you have no experience in handling frozen plant foods.

There is a section on the top that gives you links to Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, etc if you’re interested. Always on the top for marketing in social media!

And last but not least, the cutest part of the package is the bar code on the bottom right. I’m not sure if many people realize, there’s three burger patties and a spatula. Just like you were to grill your vegan burger patties on grill, represented by the “bar code”.


Personally, I’m not a big fan of following famous people and I’m not too familiar with Stars or public figures.beyond burger ambassadors chart

But I’m pretty sure many of you might have heard of Leonardo DiCaprio. He too believes in vegan meat from a while back already. Although, he was not vegan when he started to invest and became the ambassador for Beyond Meat in 2017. He strongly believes it is the future of our protein.

As for Kyrie Irving, who became vegetarian to lose weight for playing in the Mavericks, discovered this burger patty and loved it. And currently, he became the sole ambassador for the company and reaching new heights just like the Beyond Meat Company.

Science and Research about The Beyond Burger:

The company has quite a few articles backing up what they believe their product can help save the planet and make everyone’s lives a lot easier on their website.beyond meat vs real meat about environment chart

The University of Michigan even conducted a test to show how Beyond Meat would benefit our planet instead of using real meat. And they found that it generates 90% less greenhouse gases, needs 46% less energy, more than 99% less impact on use of water, and 93% less needs for land than a 1/4 pound of beef.beyond meat about animal based meats chart

The research also suggest that changing the plastic trays to polypropylene made of 100% post consumer recycled material could reduce energy use by 10%.

Can read more about their research:


Briefly about Nutritional Values:

This meat patty is actually pretty similar to its real counterpart meat patty in terms of protein and fat, except that they are all plant-based. The sodium and flavorings are the only factors that are higher than the real meat.beyond burger patty ingredients list

But they are just small values compared to real meat health risks like cholesterol and animal saturated fat.


I give this a Rating 0.8 because it very user friendly for newbies like me in the beginning when I didn’t know what it was, I was still sure it was protein. But I believe the plastic part of the cover can be changed or eliminated in the future for better environmental purposes just like what the University of Michigan research finding suggests.


Does the “Taste” surprise you? (1.0 Rating)

I have tried the Beyond Burger a few times at a few locations at Green Common in Hong Kong. To test my chef skills, I also bought a few boxes of this vegan patty and pan fried them at home. Here are the results:

Green Common and Kind Kitchen (Green Common Headquarter Branch) at Hong Kong:

I tried three different types of Beyond Meat Burger and Steak:

1 = My burger was a teriyaki sauce base with eggplant, sprouts, and lettuce Beyond Burger.Teriyaki Beyond Burger with flag

2 = Double Beyond Burger with vegan cheddar cheese, tomato, and lettuce.double beyond burger with fries

3 = This one was the bomb that different: Beyond Burger Steak with BBQ sauce.beyond burger steak BBQ sauce

4 = Beyond Burger patty pan fried at home without any seasoning on top of tomato.

pan fried beyond burger patty on tomato

Overall Appearance:

1, 2, and 4 looked very monstrously juicy. They look pretty big with the fluffy bun on the top.

3 made an epic entrance when I saw it coming my way to the table. It looked really big compared to just a hamburger patties. I believe it was two four oz patties. The BBQ sauce on top makes it look very sizzling. However, it wasn’t sizzling hot when it served on the table.


1, 2, 3, and 4 had very vibrant colors. 1 and 2 had patty colors more red and crispy dark brown on the outside while the inside is still pinkish.

3 on the other hand was darker almost tanned black on the outside, which made it look like a slightly burnt steak from the grill.


For me, 1, 2, 3, and 4 had the best fragrant. It is very herby just like a very well seasoned piece of red meat.

Cooking 4 at home was like a home BBQ it produced so much fragrant almost like you were having a BBQ but stuck at home.

Breaking off:

1, 2, 3, and 4 all come off almost like a slight squish like meat falling off the bone, which I really like due to its fat.

Overall Texture:

1, 2, 3, and 4 had softer texture than other veggie burgers sold on retail or in restaurants from what I’ve tried. They are easier to chew than real meat in a sense that real meat is sometimes harder to bite into when overcooked.

Moisture Maintenance:

1, 2, 3, and 4 had their moisture maintained very well because of its fat content in the patties. They are all quite moist even compared to real meat and without the really gooey sticky feeling of saturated fat in real meat.


These vegan meat looks slightly red from the outside, especially 4. When I bite into the middle of the patty, I see more redness that represent the myoglobin of real meat. It does have a bleeding appearance like real meat when under cooked but it doesn’t have really fibrous, unchewable tendency like real meat does. So I’m really happy as I chow down this burger patties.


I give it 1.0. The overall taste has always been astonishing from the first time I’ve tried it until today. No matter what you pair it with in a burger patty or a side with other dishes or salads, it still amazing from the appearance, smell, taste, and texture.

Although, this is just what I think about the burger because I’m lazier when it comes to chewing since I eat a lot, more chewing means more time and more mouth muscles put to work for my meal.

This vegan patty is the best that I can go for compared to what is available to my area right now in Hong Kong.

It’s quite different from all the other brands of vegan meat patty out there. It has a complex flavor all in one bite.


Is it really worth the “Price”? (0.7 Rating)

I give the Price 0.7 Rating. The price of this product is not exactly cheap. But if you compare it with a really well seasoned and marbled piece of burger patty, it still cheaper than its counterpart real meat friend.beyond burger steak BBQ sauce and fries

I would say, it a good price for buying or eating it at a restaurant once a while. But not something that you would use as a home staple food like your real plant foods.

Just take it as a treat every now and then. You would be more satisfied than overindulging.

But over time, I do hope that the price does start dwindling a little bit because of more competitions and overall economy is not great. If it could be more affordable for the common public, then it really will change the way our planet runs and it will definitely be closer to the company goals they have.


What needs to change ( Final Rating = 3.5 out of 5 )

My Final Rating is 3.5! Wow! I didn’t believe it when I was calculating the Final Rating! I really believe that this company is soon going to rock the world.

As more people come into realization of what is going on with our planet, there can be more options for us to tweak. Small changes needs to happen and more people should start thinking about their own health issues and global problems all come from our tradition of eating animal products most of the time.

You can probably tell that I am a big fan of this burger. However, the oiliness of the burger is a slight turnoff due to stomach cramps that I get after the meal. But that’s just a personal issue while not everyone has this problem. But eating it from time to time, I would say it the best burger patty ever.

On top of this the company already announced its newcomer: The Beyond Beef!

Can’t wait to try this one out very soon. Would you guys drool over this Burger? Will you want to try the new Beef with me? Tell me what your experience was like. I would LOVE to here about it.

teriyaki beyond burger bitten in half

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